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Finding Top Level Talent

Let Us Take You to  Higher Grounds


We will work closely with you, learning about your unique challenges and business needs.
Then we apply our knowledge to develop a tailored recruitment plan. By honing in on the nuanced areas of your operations, Bicket Recruiting yields big outcomes. We leverage relevant details to formulate recommendations and help you sharpen your acquisition strategy. Our goal is to find talent who will realize your company’s vision.


Our talent acquisition solutions are consistently successful because we masterfully predict human behavior.
Reliable data guides us into new markets and secures leads to high-level professionals. This way, we significantly deepen the applicant pool and select the best from it. We know how to streamline the onboarding process.


Bicket Recruiting gets people and businesses noticed.
We post on platforms from more than 10 communities. It’s one of the secrets to our success because it opens doors to the most promising individuals. Our method also increases the frequency with which potential applicants view open positions. We build interest and secure high response rates, quickly.


Every effective acquisition plan is built on sound understanding of the ideal candidate.
Creating such plans is what we do best. We gather demographic data to determine which people will best fit the profile. We also learn about the most meaningful modes of interacting with these individuals. Our insights enable us to capture attention fast.


Meet our Founder/Owner

My name is Samuel Bicket, and I am no stranger to building businesses and hiring at a elite level. I came from small town Mississippi with big dreams. I am an alumni of Mississippi State University, where I earned degrees in both Finance and Marketing, with a Masters in in Business Administration. I started my career with RPM Pizza at Dominos there in Starkville, MS and quickly worked my way up to running the store while juggling a full-time course load. After graduation, I started my business career with Globe Life - Liberty National as a Life Insurance Agent in Mobile, AL. At the time of my hire, our agency averaged around $12,000/week in production with 20 active agents. I brought with me my big dreams and strong work-ethic and played an integral part in expanding that agency into the #1 agency of 2022. I was awarded Personal Recruiter of the Year 2 years in a row and maintained a top position in the company for growth, management, and sales. Our agency completed 2022 with over $7 Million in production with over 120 active agents across 4 locations. July of 2022 I decided to branch off and open my own agency, The Bicket Agency, for Globe Life. In less than a year since opening, we already have over 60 active agents and $700,000+ in production I know how to grow offices, agencies, and now entire businesses. I have helped local, small business outside of the insurance industry urgently fill positions with qualified candidates across the Gulf Coast after the pandemic and help maintain them. I hope to make my talents available to ALL businesses, both locally and nationally. Thank you for choosing me to grow your business.

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